Part Time Cooks is an international Hip-Hop duo formed and currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Black Moss (Durban, South Africa) and Saul Goode (North Carolina, U.S.A)  have teamed up to create one of the most powerful rap duos heard in years. From the release of their debut EP, Midnight Snack, to their latest album, 7:30 (2016), PTC have captured the hearts of audiences from Korea and around the world with their consistent delivery of soulful melodies, hard-hitting message filled lyrics, and electrifying live performance.


Over the past three years, PTC have released a number of well received tracks, projects and music videos, which have made them a household name in the Korean Hip-Hop scene. In 2017, the group made history by becoming the first non Korean Hip-Hop act to join a Korean label by signing with Vis Major Company, One of South Korea’s Top 4 independent Hip-Hop labels. They have also toured extensively throughout Asia and shared the stage with Wiz Khalifa, Anderson .Paak, and many of the biggest names in Korean Hip-Hop.


Live Performance: 
Live at MUV Hall, Seoul South Korea

Live at Rolling Hall Seoul, South Korea



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두명의 요리사하나의 완벽한 음악.
Part Time Cooks 와의 INTERVIEW


“Though just an opening act, the group with probably the most enthusiastic response from the crowd was hands-down local duo Part Time Cooks. Consisting of rappers Saul Goode and Black Moss, the two exploded on stage and got the crowd hyped from the very second their set started and kept them going until the very end. Splicing together music and even throwing in a cappella rap, their 20-minute set flew by quickly, and had the audience roaring.” Emma Kalka – Music Editor Groove Magazine

Still, while the beats got me first, the more I listened the more I appreciated both rapper’s flows. Their raspy, tumbling vocals are a great juxtaposition to the dusty, jazzy beats. This yin and yang effect really brings out the best in both and is the perfect balance between the U.S. and their current homebase in South Korea. –

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“Part Time Cooks may not be a household name yet but the group has been cementing their careers solidly into the South Korean rap scene for years now with their authentic love for life and music that exposes itself with every release – whether they say it or not.” The Influences blog

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“Mixing hip-hop beats with feel-good vibes, this is the kind of music I like to put on the background while I work on this very website.” Japan Cinema Interview 

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“Mixing smooth hip-hop beats with feel-good vibes from the ’90s, Saul Goode and Black Moss, two of the rappers behind Part Time Cooks, have gained a consistent following through their dynamic performances and songs that transcend language barriers.” Groove Magazine

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