Good Gawd

Format : Digital Download

“Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Science, Holy Jesus, H to the Izzo!” “Good Gawd” is Part Time Cooks’ 6th consecutive release in 6 weeks and the duo is showing no signs of slowing down over this heavy 808 laden “mack daddy” ballad. Produced by L.A Tunnel No. 5, Saul Goode & Black Moss use the ethereal melody and infectious drum line to spit game to an 8.5 as she walks by.

A note from PTC:

#PartTimeFriday is our promise to put out new content every Friday of 2018. We are releasing music of the same quality at an even higher rate of consistency than our peers with million dollar budgets and teams behind them, making it available for purchase for just a dollar. From our fans we ask that you support this campaign by purchasing every release for only a dollar on
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