Old Friends

Title : Old Friends
Release Date : 10/27/2017
Catalog ref. : 191924426943
Format : CD



Part Time Cooks, an international duo based in Seoul, South Korea, surprised fans across the globe with their latest single, “Old Friends,” accompanied by a shadowy music video. Following the coincidental alliance of cipher-mates North Carolina raised Saul Goode and South African bred Black Moss, the duo has emerged as leading representatives for their home base of Seoul, South Korea. Garnering distribution deals through South Korea and Japan has allowed Part Time Cooks (PTC) to spread their infectious rap-rooted genre fusion into new territories, both sonically and geographically. The release of “Old Friends” sees Part Time Cooks teaming up with South Korean prodigious producer and PTC-mentee Elexven, showing professionalism and attention to detail beyond his 11-year-old age would suggest.

“Old Friends” tackles the tough reality of the sacrifices high ambition can bring, or as Moss puts it, “it’s a sort of apology in advance for the strains the rap game places on personal relationships, something that resonates with any dream chaser.” Venting some of life’s most emotional transitions with dark and serious overtones led to the creation of at visually-grasping music video perfect for the Halloween season. Part Time Cooks give credit to hit single “Smash Town” producer Rhory Danilles, stating “Rhory pulls a rabbit out of the hat on a very small budget. If we had to say how little we spent on making this video you would not believe us. He set out to execute the most fitting Halloween video with limited resource.”

Consistent high-grade execution has helped put these overseas English teachers on the top of the radar, helping bring out and perform with industry staples Well$, G Yamazawa, Anderson .Paak, Wiz Khalifa, Raheem Kemet, and J-Live. Part Time Cooks reflect the power of teamwork in an increasingly every-man-for-theirselves based world. The hard working crew continue to make waves across Asia, The United States, and South Africa, bringing hip-hop culture to the masses.

From the release of their debut EP, Midnight Snack, to their latest album, 7:30 (2016), PTC have captured the hearts of audiences from Korea and around the world with their consistent delivery of soulful melodies, hard-hitting message filled lyrics, and electrifying live performance. “Old Friends” kicks off the year’s final quarter with some fire to fuel through the winter. Be on the lookout for the restless work ethic of Part Time Cooks by following them below.