Sacrifices EP

Title : Sacrifices EP
Release Date : 03/09/2018
Format : Digital Download

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South Korea’s premier non-Korean artists, Part Times Cooks’ first full length length project is here, and it is one the most impressive releases of 2018 to date. Featuring lyrics in English, Korean, and Zulu, imaginative storytelling of love and loss, attention to detail and harmonies, dipping into the shadows at times with haunting tales of self reflection, PTC’s Black Moss (Durban, South Africa) and Saul Goode (North Carolina, U.S.A) have found their stride on their Korean Major Label debut (VMC). The album features production from 11-year-old Korean producer/prodigy Elexven, Thovo, Next Door the Stranger, and fellow South African Scotty Soul.

Sacrifices caters to fans of a personable, emotionally-uncensored lyrical approach, being one of the duo’s more personal releases. With songs sure to give fans a glimpse of life behind the curtains for these motivated globetrotters, listeners will be able to empathize with the level of perseverance and vision to which the band holds true despite volatile surroundings. A couple of familiar tracks make the cut as “Dope Dealer” and “Old Friends” match the EP’s theme to a T. “Runway” speaks to mistakes and ill-fated timing in interpersonal relationships. “On the Way” provides an uplifting pivot point, showcasing a blossoming maturity and gratitude. “Anneyong,” released earlier in the year, continues the feel-good progression all the way into the aggressive bump-friendly closing tune, “Light It.”

The partnership of Part Time Cooks has arguably created one of the most powerful rap duos heard in years. Over the past three years, PTC have released a number of well received tracks, projects and music videos, which have made them a household name in the Korean Hip-Hop scene. In 2017, the group made history by becoming the first non Korean Hip-Hop act to join a Korean label by signing with Vis Major Company, one of South Korea’s Top 4 independent Hip-Hop labels. They have also toured extensively throughout Asia and shared the stage with Wiz Khalifa, Anderson .Paak, and many of the biggest names in Korean Hip-Hop.

1. Dope Dealer
2. Sacrifices
3. Old Friends
4. Runway
5. On The Way
6. Anneyong
7. Light It ft. Odee

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